Capillary Sensor

Model Number

A73 - A74

Product Description

Remote reading thermometer available in 80mm and 100mm diameter, suitable for all applications when the sensor is to be mounted remotely from the instrument.

Can be wall mounted, panel mounted or bracket mounted.

Robust, stainless steel construction.

Bottom or rear capillary tube connection option.

Ranges available between -80°/500°C (A73) and 0°/500°C & 50°/650°C (A74)


Rigid Stem Sensor

Model Number


Product Description

Rigid stem thermometers, available in either 80mm or 100mm diameter.

Suitable for industrial and marine applications and harsh environments.

Ranges available from -80°/+500°C.

Stainless steel construction with either bottom or rear connection option.

Suitable for ambient temperatures between -40°C and (optionally) +140°C