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Sole UK distributor and agent for some of the largest, most well respected refrigeration equipment manufacturers from Europe and America.


A wide range of heat exchangers, valves, instrumentation and spare parts for use within marine refrigeration applications.

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With the use of secondary heat transfer fluids commonplace, we stock stainless steel, bronze and brass valves and provide a full selection and design service for air coolers, dry coolers and plate type heat exchangers being used with glycols and brines.

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Components for use with halocarbon, Freon and CO2 refrigeration equipment. Air coolers, air cooled condensers and brazed heat exchangers for use in commercial cooling systems.

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Heavy duty steel valves, controls and instrumentation. Liquid pumps, heat exchangers and pressure vessels for R717 and CO2 installations, with bespoke and off the shelf solutions for cold storage and distribution applications.

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Distributor and suppliers of the following manufacturers