Replacement Alfa LU-VE Group Condenser.

Alfa LU-VE Condenser

We are the main UK distributor for LU-VE Group. They manufacture a wide range of industrial, air cooled, refrigeration equipment. We recently supplied an Alfa LU-VE ammonia air cooled condenser, complete with an EC fan management system. This was installed at a food factory, to replace their existing evaporative condenser, that was at the end of its service life.

LU-VE Group is one of the major manufacturers in the heat exchanger field. They operate in various segments of the market: refrigeration (commercial and industrial); process cooling for industrial applications and power generation; air conditioning (civil, industrial and close control); glass doors and closing systems for refrigerated counters and cabinets.

This Alfa LU-VE Condenser will save the factory £16k per year on water consumption and water treatment chemicals. This results in a 2 year pay-back and a significant reduction in their environmental impact.