Gasketed Plate

Model Number

M3 - T5 - T8 - T20 - TL3 - TL6 - TL10 - TL15

Product Description

Gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide efficient heat transfer in compact equipment with a small footprint. The units have flexible design and are easy to service and maintain. The product range is extremely wide and is used in applications for heating, cooling, heat recovery.


The White Paper below addresses the use of ammonia as a refrigerant in semi-welded heat exchangers. They are the perfect choice for a wide range of refrigeration systems and offer benefits such as excellent heat transfer efficiency, easy capacity expansion and high resistance to fatigue. Ammonia is a common refrigerant and is used in many applications. In some cases operators notice a weak smell when they are very close to the heat exchanger and worry that gaskets may be leaking. Alfa Laval demonstrate that the smell is due to a natural process called permeation and not a faulty gasket. They also demonstrate that the amount of ammonia released to the surroundings is very low and that it does not cause any harm.