Three more Metrex Valve water regulating valves in stock and ready to be shipped to our customer. This time for installation in a marine application.

Metrex Valve Stock

Three more Metrex Valve Corp. water regulating valves in stock and ready to be shipped to our customer. This time for installation in a marine application, giving two-way, head pressure actuated condenser water control, for set and forget reliability.

Metrex Valve are a much-trusted name in refrigeration and heat transfer solutions around the world. They deliver complete self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating valve solutions that save energy, money, and investment in capital equipment.  They are used where a system requires flow control valves to hold precise refrigerant temperature and pressure control, through a wide range of operating conditions, maintaining peak operating efficiency.

Metrex manufacture one of the widest ranges of water regulating valves available for heat transfer requirements. They have evolved over 40 years, in response to the demands of the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. All valves are entirely self-contained, self-powered and self-regulating. Quality is maintained by the exacting engineering and quality control standards employed by the company.

Applied Product Solutions are the UK distributor for Metrex Valve components. We hold a range of Metrex Valve stock.