We can supply the compact Alfa Laval U-Turn solution which delivers maximum separation efficiency and energy efficiency.

Alfa Laval U-Turn

We supply the Alfa Laval U-turn.

The compact U-Turn solution delivers maximum separation efficiency and energy efficiency. The liquid separator only uses ammonia and the U-bend construction contributes to a reduction in the amount of ammonia used. Furthermore, the design allows easy onsite installation and maintenance.

Brace yourself for the techie bit:

U-Turn is a liquid separator specially designed for use with Alfa Laval Semi Welded Plate Heat Exchangers (SWPHE) in ammonia evaporator applications. The module, including the separator and the SWPHE, ensures minimum pressure drop losses and therefore maximum energy efficiency.

Plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval operate with the smallest possible temperature approaches. For an evaporator, this is the difference between leaving hot media and evaporation temperature. In an evaporator this is substantial; each degree increase in evaporation temperature will reduce the power need by up to 3.5%. To ensure that this efficiency is not lost, Alfa Laval has developed the U-Turn separator to optimise the thermosiphon system and reduce the waste energy. This is because waste energy ‘hurts’ as it diminishes the performance and decreases the operating cost.

U-turn is a compact solution with less vertical rise and smaller overall dimensions than other solutions on the market. This supports installation onsite without dismantling. Additionally, all ammonia connections are grouped on the same side and therefore, the module can be installed near walls or on the perimeter of a main skid.

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